Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Government reaction to IRA statement is an act of Outstanding Stupidity - Jim Nicholson

A press release from the UUP tells that UUP MEP said that “the Government’s reaction to the IRA statement can only be described as an act of outstanding stupidity. To act on IRA words alone without any hint of imminent action is stupid given that this terrorist organisation has never delivered on past promises. The Unionist community have been left stunned by a series of sweeping security changes, which have taken place before the ink is even dry on the IRA statement. The Government’s reaction has come without any hint of remorse from Republicans for their murderous deeds or commitment from them to dismantle their vast criminal empire. No wonder the people of Northern Ireland feel betrayed. Sadly, I fear that this will not be the Government’s last act of outstanding stupidity and that more acts of appeasement are planned to placate Republican’s insatiable demands.”


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