Friday, August 12, 2005

Allister Attacks 50:50 recruitment of PSNI

DUP MEP Jim Allister released this statement: “50:50 recruitment to the PSNI, with its inherent discrimination against Protestant applicants, is in conflict with the basic tenets of Council Directive 2000/78/EC, which lays down guarantees of equal treatment in employment and occupation. In order to legitimise 50:50 recruitment the UK had to secure the insertion of "particular provisions" into the Directive in October 2000, which permitted a relevant derogation. (Chpt III Art 15(1) and Recital 34 refer.)Under the Directive Member States are required to report to the Commission by 2 December 2005 on the measures they have taken to implement the Directive. The Commission shall then draw up a report on the steps taken by Member States to secure equal treatment in employment. In this exercise it has been confirmed to me in a written answer (E-1927/04), that the Commission will review the "particular provisions" of Article 15. This pending review, I believe, should be used as a focus of a renewed campaign to end the inequity of 50:50 recruitment. Accordingly, I urge all who are opposed to the discrimination explicit in 50:50 recruitment to make vigorous representations both to HMG in terms of its report to Brussels and the Commission in regard to its own review and report. Certainly, as a MEP I will be doing so and I will be happy to liase with all those interested in ending this discrimination, with a view to presenting cogent and co-ordinated representations.”