Friday, August 05, 2005

Allister asks consumers to buy NI Beef

DUP MEP Jim Allister, yesterday, urged NI consumers to buy Northern Irish beef: “The majority of the major supermarkets are selling South American beef alongside beef produced on Northern Ireland farms. As a result of the supermarkets bringing in this product, the price paid to farmers for cattle within Northern Ireland has fallen by over 12% over the last number of months. Many of the major multiples are putting short term profits over the long term sustainability for the largest industry within Northern Ireland. Farmers within Northern Ireland cannot afford to take the price they are currently receiving for beef which they are currently selling. Product coming from Northern Ireland is produced to high Quality Assurance standards with strict environmental and animal welfare standards. This is compared to beef coming from South America that is likely to be reared on farms with little or no regard to either the environment or animal welfare. When consumers are purchasing products in the supermarket they should take time and consider what they are buying. By purchasing products from Northern Ireland, they are not only supporting their local industry, but getting a superior product and looking after the environment.”


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