Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Allister accuses the NIO to have released Sean Kelly without consulting the PSNI

DUP MEP Jim Allister made this statement in relation to the release of Sean Kelly: "In a response to my representations to the Secretary of State over his decision to release Sean Kelly, Lord Rooker (replying on Hain’s behalf as the SOS is on holiday) has confirmed that Kelly was released without consulting the PSNI or taking their advice. Considering that Kelly was detained because he was believed to be “a danger to others if he were at liberty”, I am astounded that a decision was reached on a matter so entwined with the public’s safety without any consultation with the police. To me this confirms the brazenly political nature of Hain’s decision and the fact that the demand of the IRA Army Council meant more to him than any possible police view. Clearly, Kelly could not have been detained without consultation with the police, but he was granted political release without even the façade of seeking a police view. This is a Government clearly prepared to play fast and loose with public safety all in the interests of serving a greater political gameplan. This is the politics of deals, not honour."


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