Friday, June 03, 2005

Peace II extension: 148m euro

BBC News reports that: "The extra funding comes as a result of sustained campaigning from various groups in Europe and Northern Ireland. The EU is providing 108m euro, while the British and Irish governments are each giving 20m euro to the fund. The PEACE II programme is targeted at achieving economic renewal and social integration in areas most scarred by the Troubles. It aims to promote reconciliation and to help build a more peaceful and stable society. Beginning in 2001, the programme followed on from the five-year Peace I, which distributed 500m euros. Peace I was established in the wake of peace developments in 1994. Peace II covers Northern Ireland as well as the border counties in the Irish Republic. Groups applying for Peace II grants must demonstrate their proposals will address the legacy of the Troubles and show how they will promote reconciliation and mutual understanding. More than 5,300 projects have been funded by the programme."