Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bairbre de Brun fights for EU rural budget

SF MEP Bairbre de Brun, speaking after a conference on rural development, is reported to have said that "it was very important that rural development is not sold short in any deal on the Financial Perspectives (EU Budget for 2007- 2013) and also that we get agreement now.One thing is very clear from all that has been said. If European heads of state are serious about creating jobs in rural areas as an alternative to falling incomes from farming it is short sighted to take money out of the rural development budget. Speaker after speaker today also emphasised the importance of the bottom up approach. Mrs Maura Walsh, speaking on behalf of ELARD (rural Network for the Mediterranean and Ireland) told how LEADER + in the North of Ireland had had a target to create 1,000 jobs yet had managed to create 800 jobs in the first year alone."


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