Thursday, June 09, 2005

Allister opposes EU seat at the UN

A communique from the DUP reports that "MEP Jim Allister has today in the European Parliament in Strasbourg opposed a resolution calling for reform of the United Nations to embrace a seat for the EU. Mr Allister put his opposition on the record by declaring:- "Being utterly opposed to the acquisition of statehood by the EU and the compulsion of a single foreign policy for Europe, I voted against the Resolution urging that reform of the UN should embrace a seat for the EU. This is a resolution driven by those consumed by a fanatical desire to usurp national authority and status. In my view only nation states can and should represent their citizens in the United Nations, with each free to determine their own foreign policy. With the defeated EU Constitution there is now even less justification than ever for this foolish proposal.""


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